Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Christmas gift to Dr. Mower (aka "Doc")


Cherry Adams Sweig '74 is heading over to visit Anita Chafee and Doctor Mower at their new retirement home abode. It would be a fabulous Christmas present if you would take a second to write them (email or snail mail is fine).  It doesn't have to be fancy.

But, for a couple who spent their life in education, I'm sure they would love to hear from former students and how much they meant to you. If you're not the mushy gushy type,  just let Doc know what you're up to and send a photo or two.

He will very much appreciate the effort and we want to thank Cherry for reaching out to the Bishop's community to get these letters together.

Note: the Mowers will likely not be able to respond to these letters.


Please send them directly to Cherry as soon as you can (contact information below):


Cherry (Adams) Sweig  '74
15494 Oakstand Court
Poway, CA 92064

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mower-Inspired Art Trip to France!

This is an incredible opportunity to travel to Provence with Cherry Sweig '74, a talented artist and alumna!
Cherry credits much of her success and inspiration as an artist and world traveler to Bishop's and especially Dr. Otto Mower and Madame Martinod. She has great memories of assisting with lectures (and driving!) on Dr. Mower's 1984 Europe Tour. Much of Cherry's 2012 trip's travel experience is inspired by Dr. Mower's teachings.

No art experience required, just the desire to spend a week in the southern France land of impressionists!
May 5-12, 2012.  If you sign up before November 30th, there is a $400 discount! See Cherry's website to sign up  and for more information about her gorgeous art and upcoming local shows!!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Kelley Lowe Art on Display

Kelley Lowe
(Recent recipient of the Michael Teitelman Award at EBS Celebration)

Head on down to the CFA Gallery to see Kelly's work on display!
Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery
7946 Ivanhoe Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037 


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bishop's Had a Groundbreaking Summer!

It will be a busy time over near Wheeler J. Bailey this year!

This summer, Aimeclaire and those who generously made this project possible broke ground on the Manchester Library and Learning Center.    

             Aimeclaire not afraid to jump right in with the kids on Alumni Weekend!

Planned to be completed for the start of school in the fall of 2012, the
design of the Manchester Library and Learning Center reflects a marriage of technology and tradition, with architecture that complements theSchool’s existing buildings while incorporating state-of-the-art technology.

The 21,000 square foot, library and learning center includes areas for
collaboration as well as quiet study; classrooms; office, conference, and
outdoor spaces.

Come by school and check out the progress!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bishop's Alumni 24 Hour Play Festival - August 21

24-hours of fun at Bishop’s!


Come join fellow alumni, faculty, students, and staff at the 4th Annual 24-Hour Play! This unique and fun-filled event was originated by Bishop’s own Courtney Flanagan and Mike Hoagland and each year it’s gotten bigger and better. The five separate plays, 10 minutes each, are created by you! You can choose to act or write (or both!) or do tech.

WHO: Any Bishop’s alum, faculty member, staff member, or older current student--spouses/SOs welcome

Alums who are showing up!
Peter Bestoso ’10, Mandy Davis, Laura Dick ’07, Craig Doede ’90, Becca Foresman ’06, Will Harris ’06, 
John Ingalls ’07, Jess Jacobs ’10, Jesse Jacobsen-Gal ’10 , Caitlin Lahsaiezadeh ’09, Matt McKenna ’98,
Brooke Miller ’98 , Eric Moroney ’09 , Karina Partovi ’10, Brooke Rascoff ’11 , Paul Saunders ’96, 
Jack Weller ’11 , Kelly Wilson ’00 , Sam Zetumer ’05

Possible alums:
Kristin Davidson ’97 
Jenny Harris Edstrom ’93
Scott Hanscom ’05 
Michael Walker ’07


How long?
Each of five teams (picked by Courtney) meet to brainstorm ideas based on a prompt. [This is not mandatory, but is helpful!]
At the home of one of the team members, TBD
11am, Saturday, August 20, 2011
45 mins
Scripts due to Courtney
By email
Midnight, Saturday, August 20, 2011
Everyone meets for coffee and bagels
MoJo’s (corner of Pearl and La Jolla Blvd)
9am, Sunday, August 21
45 mins
10am, Sunday, August 21, 2011
All day (BYO lunch)
7pm, Sunday, August 21, 2011
Approx 1 hour
After Party (must be 21 and older with valid ID)
La Jolla Brewhouse
Post-performance, Sunday, August 21, 2011
Until the lights come on!

Please RSVP to flanaganc@bishops.com no later than Friday, August 19, 2011.

Friday, July 29, 2011

College Bound: See your Alma Mater on the list?

The latest Headlines and Footnotes carries on the tradition of listing all College and Universities to which students were accepted and which they have chosen to attend.  Alumni can be proud that Bishop's students continue to carry on the tradition of academic excellence.

Maybe you'll see your school on the list!
CLASS OF 2011 College Matriculation

* The first number is how many student were accepted, the second is how many have chosen to attend.

College Accepted/Attending
University of Alabama 1/0
American University 5/0
Amherst College 1/0
Arizona State University 4/0
University of Arizona 5/1
University of the Arts 1/0
Auburn University 1/1
Babson College 3/0
Bates College 6/1
Belmont University 1/0
Beloit College 1/0
Bentley University 1/0
Boston College 17/1
Boston University 13/1
Bowling Green State University 1/0
Brandeis University 4/0
University of British Columbia 4/0
Brown University 4/2
Bryant University 1/0
Bryn Mawr College 2/0
Bucknell University 1/0
University of California at Berkeley 27/10
University of California at Davis 27/2
University of California at Irvine 8/0
University of California at Los Angeles 20/1
University of California at Riverside 7/0
University of California at San Diego 17/4
University of California at Santa Barbara 32/1
University of California at Santa Cruz 13/1
California College of the Arts 2/0
California Institute of Technology 1/0
California Lutheran University 2/1
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 3/0
California Polytechnic State
University, San Luis Obispo 10/1
California State University, Chico 2/0
California State University, Fresno 1/0
California State University, Fullerton 1/0
California State University, Long Beach 3/0
California State University, Northridge 2/0
University of Cambridge (England) 1/1
Carleton College 1/0
Carnegie Mellon University 2/0
Case Western Reserve University 1/0
Catawba College 1/0
Centre College 1/0
Chaminade University of Honolulu 1/0
Chapman University 8/0
College of Charleston 1/0
University of Chicago 2/1
Clemson University 2/0
Colby College 3/0
Colgate University 2/0
University of Colorado at Boulder 13/0
Columbia College 1/0
Columbia University 6/2
Connecticut College 4/0
Cornell University 5/2
Dartmouth College 3/2
Davidson College 1/0
University of Dayton 1/0
Denison University 1/0
University of Denver 9/1
DePaul University 1/0
DePauw University 1/0
Dominican University of California 1/0
Drexel University 1/0
Duke University 3/1
Eckerd College 1/0
University of Edinburgh (Scotland) 1/0
Elon University 2/0
Emerson College 5/1
Emory University 5/0
Fairfield University 2/0
Florida Institute of Technology 1/0
Florida State University 1/0
Fordham University 7/3
Furman University 1/0
The George Washington University 11/5
Georgetown University 4/1
Gettysburg College 2/1
Gonzaga University 1/1
Goucher College 1/0
Grinnell College 2/2
Gustavus Adolphus College 1/0
Hamilton College 3/1
Hampshire College 2/0
Hartwick College 1/0
Harvard University 5/5
Harvey Mudd College 3/0
University of Hawaii at Manoa 1/1
Hawaii Pacific University 2/1
High Point University 1/1
Hillsdale College 2/0
Hofstra University 3/0
College of the Holy Cross 1/0
Humboldt State University 2/2
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1/0
University of Indiana at Bloomington 1/0
Johns Hopkins University 4/0
University of Kansas 1/0
Kenyon College 4/2
University of La Verne 1/0
Lafayette College 3/0
Lake Forest College 1/0
Lawrence University 1/0
Lehigh University 1/0
Lewis & Clark College 10/0
Loyola Marymount University 16/0
Loyola University Chicago 3/1
Loyola University Maryland 2/0
Loyola University New Orleans 4/0
Macalester College 2/0
Marist College 1/0
Marlboro College 1/0
Marquette University 1/0
Maryland Institute College of Art 1/0
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2/1
Miami University 1/0
University of Miami 5/0
University of Michigan 8/3
Middlebury College 2/0
Mills College 2/0
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 1/0
Montserrat College 1/0
Moore College of Art and Design 1/0
Mount Holyoke College 1/0
New York University 12/5
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2/0
Northeastern University 3/1
Northern Arizona University 6/0
Northwestern University 5/1
Notre Dame de Namur University 1/0
University of Notre Dame 3/2
Oberlin College 1/0
Occidental College 8/1
The Ohio State University 1/0
Oklahoma City University 1/0
Oregon State University 1/0
University of Oregon 5/1
Otis College of Art and Design 1/0
University of the Pacific 4/0
Parsons The New School for Design 1/1
Pennsylvania State University 1/0
University of Pennsylvania 7/4
Pepperdine University 6/0
University of Pittsburgh 1/0
Pitzer College 5/1
Point Loma Nazarene University 1/1
Pomona College 3/1
Princeton University 5/2
Providence College 3/0
University of Puget Sound 3/1
Purdue University 1/0
University of Redlands 2/1
Reed College 4/0
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1/0
Rhodes College 1/0
Rice University 4/0
University of Richmond 1/0
Ringling College of Art and Design 1/0
College Acep t/Attend
Rochester Institute of Technology 1/0
University of Rochester 1/0
Saint Joseph’s University 1/0
Saint Mary’s College of California 2/0
San Diego State University 9/4
University of San Diego 10/1
San Francisco State University 2/0
University of San Francisco 17/1
Santa Clara University 17/1
Savannah College of Art and Design 1/0
University of London 1/0
School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1/0
School of Visual Arts 1/0
Scripps College 4/0
Seattle University 1/0
Seton Hall University 1/0
Sewanee: The University of the South 1/0
Siena College 1/0
Skidmore College 1/0
Smith College 1/0
University of Southern California 27/11
Southern Methodist University 21/6
Southwestern University 1/0
University of St. Andrews (Scotland) 2/1
St. John’s University 1/1
St. Olaf College 2/0
Stanford University 9/6
Suffolk University 1/0
Swarthmore College 2/2
Syracuse University 4/1
The University of Tampa 1/1
Temple University 1/0
Texas Christian University 6/1
Trinity College 9/1
Trinity University 4/2
Tufts University 4/0
Tulane University 5/0
Union College 1/0
United States Air Force Academy 1/0
United States Military Academy 1/1
United States Naval Academy 1/1
Vanderbilt University 4/3
Vassar College 2/0
University of Vermont 4/1
Villanova University 5/0
Virginia Military Institute 1/0
University of Virginia 2/1
Wake Forest University 4/1
Warren Wilson College 1/0
Washington University in St. Louis 4/2
University of Washington 10/1
Wellesley College 5/3
Wesleyan University 3/1
Western New England College 1/0
Wheaton College 2/0
Whitman College 4/0
Whittier College 7/0
Whitworth University 1/0
Willamette University 4/0
College of William & Mary 1/0
Williams College 3/0
University of Wisconsin 1/0
Wittenberg University 1/0
Yale University 2/1